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No glass, no windshield

Hot air balloon captain - that’s a pretty cool job. When you get to fly over one of the world’s most beautiful city, Stockholm - Sweden, that’s even better. Still, as good as it sounds, there are not many people being able to fly balloons in Sweden any more.

On nice, warm and long-lasting summer days, Karl Gustav Silverstolpe, who runs the small and local “Ballongflyg i Stockholm” company, shares his sense of adventure, passion and expertise, and takes us for a ride up in the air. At his own pace: smooth and flowing - and from his favorite place: a simple balloon basket with no glass and no windshield.

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Build your own custom DSLR Rig with Smallrig

In this video I present a small DSLR rig that I have put together using pieces bought from Smallrig. As you will see, this is a really cool way of building a rig that fits you perfectly, rather than buying a heavy already designed rig.

Here are some more details about the different pieces:

The handles


Half cage


Half cage + quick release plate


Quick release plate + 15 mm rods mount


More information:

How can sliders help in your next film

June 11, 2014 0 notes Reblog Comments

If you’ve seen some really cool clips where the camera moves perfectly smoothly horizontally and vertically, chances are that the operator is using a slider. I’ve recently tried the Heavy-duty Cam Slider SK-GT100 slider from SevenOak. See below for the results:

I really liked using it and I think the results are promising. Right now, I don’t have a great fluid head so some shots are moving a little bit. In addition, sometimes the slider head moves a little bit but that’s not a big issue, you just need to control it well.

The advantage with this model is that it’s quite lightweight and comes with a carrying bag, perfect to be taken everywhere. It can also be mounted on tripods, something which I think will be really cool for putting some motions into interviews.

More information:

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