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"Out On The Ice" - Discover nordic skating

January 28, 2013 0 notes Reblog Comments

Nordic skating is very popular in Sweden and this year, the conditions have been very good so far, so that it can be practiced on many lakes at the moment. This short clip above gives a taste of how great it can be to go out on the ice. As you can see, it is a very beautiful activity, especially when one enjoys such a nice weather as it was then. Right now, the lakes are covered with both snow and ice and therefore people have to stay on some “tracks” where the snow has been pushed aside. When sprint comes however, you can find exceptional moments where the snow is gone and the ice still good to stand on, which gives you the feeling to literally skate on the water (I hope to capture such a moment by the end of the season).

This was also the occasion to test some gears provided by Lundhags, a Swedish skate manufacturer that has a long traditional history of providing outdoor boots, clothing and gears for skaters (since 1932!). We could test one pair of their EXA skates as well as clothing equipment specially designed to accommodate long distance skaters (an in depth review of their equipment will be published soon, stay tuned) and I must say it was a very pleasing experience. 

As you see, this is a sport for everyone: experienced skaters go for many kilometers, beginners can learn it easily and many families were out on the lake to enjoy the sun and get the best out of this perfect winter day.

More info:

Lundhag’s homepage

EXA skates and X-TOUR boots

EXA jacket and pants

More pictures:






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